Once again we enter the Blather Beltway. We will be treated to Supreme Court hearings on Judge Gorsuch where the democrats will spend hours vainly trying to have the nominee commit to preserving Roe v. Wade, knowing they will fail in that but will fulfill their duty to inflame their base with cries of “War on Women” and “denying women health care” – leaving to our imaginations how killing girl babies is not a war on women and how killing babies is “care” for “health.”  Pregnancy is not a disease.
And in both houses of  Congress, we will see another episode of that popular indoor sport “Defunding Planned Parenthood”, with the Left, and the mass media echo chamber, earnestly promulgating demonstrable lies about all the good Planned Parenthood does.
Blather because it is not even remotely factual. Abortion-on-demand is morally wrong and so is giving our taxpayer money to the largest single abortion provider in our country.
The thing is – We know how to defeat abortion-on-demand and Planned Parenthood. 
Show everyone what abortion really is. Show the pictures which the mass media refuses to show.
magnified ultra sound phot of 8 week old

Credit:  http://www.babycenter.com/fetal-development-week-by-week

Credit: Center For Bio-Ethical Reform
Show a one minute video which contrasts Planned Parenthood advocates’ words with Planned Parenhood’s deeds.
Questions about the photos:
Is what is pictured  human life?  If no, what is it?
If yes, what is the justification for killing her and more than 55 million of her siblings?
The Left will not answer these questions because to do so would expose the fallacy of their ideology. The Left insists on the right of a mother to kill her own child.  [Even to state that is chilling.]
These images and questions are to the Left as daylight is to Dracula.
When the general public sees these pictures, they are, and should be, repulsed. Please watch this 3 minute video.
Young people seeing images like those above are visibly stunned.  They had no idea of the reality of abortion. They had never seen the photos before!
How can that be? Obviously, the images are available.  The answer? They have not seen these images because the mass media suppresses them to avoid destroying the Left’s abortion agenda.
[BTW, the Left NEVER uses the term “Pro-life”; to the Left, these are “the extreme anti-abortion activists.”]
Churches [Catholic, Protestant, Mormon], Orthodox Synagogues, and more than 50 organizations generously spend money to send pro-life information to their mailing lists. The problem: most of the people they are reaching already know the reality. This is “preaching to the choir”,  fighting battles already won among their followers while massively losing the war among the general public.
How can the media barrier be breached and the general public reached?


Use the money, presently being spent on messages to the believers, on producing and airing ads on prime time mass media TV. Show these images on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC. The ads need be shown only a few times and they will go viral. The general public will see them.

If any network refuses the ads, hold press conferences denouncing the censorship. Ultimately, it will increase viewership and expose the hypocrisy of those who claim to champion the people’s “right to know.”
An example of  what such an ad might look like can be found  at ARCHIVE Issue 4:
What follows are facts about the law, abortion procedures, Planned Parenthood’s funding, and PP’s claims –  subjects suppressed or misreported by the Left.
In 1973, the Supreme Court created a previously unknown constitutional right to abortion-on- demand.
In Roe v. Wade, the majority divided the pregnancy period into three trimesters. During the first trimester, the decision to terminate the pregnancy was solely at the discretion of the woman. During the second trimester, the state could regulate [but not ban] abortions in the interests of the mother’s health. In the third trimester, the fetus became viable, and the state could regulate or ban abortions in the interest of the potential life except when necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother.  The catch was in the exception phrase “health of the mother”. Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973)
In the companion case Doe. v. Bolton, announced the same day as Roe, the Court defined “health” to include physical, emotional, and psychological factors. Being upset that one is pregnant qualifies. The bottom line: abortion became available throughout the full nine months of pregnancy, i.e. abortion-on-demand.   Doe v. Bolton, 410 U.S. 179 (1973)
Addendum:  Both Roe [Norma McCorvey] and Doe [Sanda Cano] grieved over the decisions which have resulted in the killing of more than 55,000,000 innocent souls. They testified that their cases were based on fraud and unsuccessfully sought to have their cases overturned!
Go to the Planned Parenthood sites on the internet and read the “descriptions” of abortion procedures. E.g. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/abortion/in-clinic-abortion-procedures/what-happens-during-an-in-clinic-abortion
Accurate descriptions CANNOT be found on PP sites.
Here’s the truth:
Partial birth abortion [now illegal] is the barbaric practice of extracting all but the head of the baby from the womb, puncturing her neck with a scissors, sucking out her brains and collapsing her skull.  In suction aspiration, a hollow tube with a knife-like edged tip is inserted in the womb and a strong suction tears the developing body to pieces and draws the pieces into a container. In dilation and curettage, a loop shaped knife is inserted and cuts the body apart and scrapes the pieces out through the cervix. In dilation and evacuation, a grasping forceps is used when the bones have calcified to a point where the parts must be twisted and torn away. In saline amniocentesis, a concentrated salt solution is injected into the amniotic sac. The solution is ingested, with death resulting from salt poisoning, dehydration, hemorrhages of the brain and other organs, and convulsions.
Where is the Left’s compassion?
In one 5 minute video of a meeting of the National Abortion Federation [of which Planned Parenthood is a member] one can actually hear abortion providers laughing about an eyeball falling into an abortionist’s lap. It brings to mind Josef Mengele.
Planned Parenthood receives more than $500 million of taxpayer dollars and then turns around and, through affiliates, kickbacks millions of those dollars to candidates, who vote to continue giving taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood. Is that FAIR?
Political affiliates of Planned Parenthood spent approximately $38 million in efforts to elect Hillary Clinton President and pro-abortion candidates to the U.S. Congress.
From 2012 into 2016, PP’s advocacy and political arms, employees, and their families spent more than $38 million to elect or defeat candidates for federal office who decide how much taxpayers subsidize the nation’s largest abortion provider. In 2016, they gave $5.5 million to democrats, and zero to republicans. Data indicates that they spent $10.4 million against republicans and less than $7,000 against democrats.
Casey Mattox, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit Christian legal organization:
Ultimately, Planned Parenthood itself is bringing in well over half a billion dollars a year from taxpayers and they want to make sure that the politicians stay in office who will keep that money coming. So, they spend money to elect those politicians….Planned Parenthood stands alone as a major recipient of taxpayer funding that is also a major participant in elections…[Emphasis added.]
In November 2015, Planned Parenthood Action Fund announced a $20 million campaign against pro-life candidates and a $30 million door-to-door field campaign targeted at millennial voters across six states. Cecile Richards, who heads up Planned Parenthood Action Fund as well as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and is paid almost $1 million annual salary, said:
Extremists made the 2016 election about attacking reproductive rights. Enough is enough. With our supporters, we’re launching ‘I Vote Planned Parenthood Action.’ We will organize and mobilize to elect lawmakers who are in our corner. [Emphasis added.] i
Planned Parenthood lays it out, doesn’t it?  It will use taxpayer dollars to buy votes to get more taxpayer dollars.  And we “Extremists,” who see the sonogram proof that babies in the womb are human life, are rubes. It is reminiscent of the classic joke, the husband who, caught by his wife in bed with another woman, asks:  Who are you going to believe – me or your lying eyes?
The “eyes”  have it. PP must not be allowed to continue the taxpayer scam.
Please think about PP’s “reproductive rights.” What rights? Certainly not those of the baby? And what of the rights of the father?
In efforts to defend the indefensible and retain their annual appropriation of taxpayer money, Planned Parenthood asserts only 3% of its activities are abortion related and its other services are necessary for women’s health, such as free mammograms and prenatal care.
3%? The claim that only 3% of PP’s activities are abortion related was awarded 3 “Pinocchios” by the liberal Washington Post  http://www.lifenews.com/2015/08/13/washington-post-calls-claim-that-abortion-is-3-of-what-planned-parenthood-does-a-big-lie/
Mammograms? Women do not rely on Planned Parenthood for mammograms http://www.factcheck.org/2012/10/planned-parenthood-and-mammograms/
Prenatal care? Sonograms  are routine procedure for prenatal care in maternity clinics.
PP uses sonograms to harvest organs but not to have women see the pictures before their abortion http://www.lifenews.com/2015/04/06/planned-parenthood-women-should-not-see-the-ultrasound-of-the-baby/
The pro-life Center for Medical Progress sent investigators posing as pregnant women to 68 Planned Parenthood facilities asking for ultrasounds to check the health of their babies; only three centers would provide them.  Sample replies:
“No, we don’t do any ultrasounds for prenatal care. We do them when we’re doing abortions, but not for any other reason.”– Council Bluffs, IA, Planned Parenthood
“No. Nope. Not – not something we offer. Well, we do have to do an ultrasound with an abortion, but we don’t offer them for – we can’t do anything to make sure that the pregnancy’s fine.”– St. Louis, MO, Planned Parenthood
“We only do ultrasounds if you are terminating.”– Corning, NY, Planned Parenthood
The results were confirmed by  a former Planned Parenthood manager in Storm Lake, IA.
…“They turn the monitor away so the mom can’t see it.”
Necessary for women’s health?  There are thousands of health clinics which aid millions of women without involving abortion
The current 500 million taxpayer subsidy will go to the many organizations which provide for women’s health without being involved in kickbacks and abortion.
Omitted: facts that Planned Parenthood routinely has refused to report statutory rape, as required under the law.
Some years back, a Los Angeles Times columnist, a rabid advocate of a woman’s “right to choose, i.e., to abort her own child,  wrote a gushing column about her thrill at seeing her “baby’s first picture” – a sonogram of her seven-week old in the womb. She was oblivious to the
contradiction between her pro-choice views and her recognition that the sonogram showed “a baby” months before birth!  Oblivious – And so is a majority of our populace.
The only reason the Left gets away with this evil – and evil it is – is its success in keeping the facts from the general public. Pro-life churches and organizations – produce and air the ads showing the images.  JUST DO IT!
 Abortion’s barbaric cruelty exposed is indefensible.
With regard to the freedom of the individual for choice …, there’s one individual who’s not being considered at all. That’s the one who is being aborted. And I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born….Make no mistake, abortion-on-demand is not a right granted by the Constitution. No serious scholar, including one disposed to agree with the Court’s result, has argued that the framers of the Constitution intended to create such a right….We cannot survive as a free nation when some men decide that others are not fit to live and should be abandoned to abortion …there is no cause more important for preserving that freedom than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning.
– Ronald Reagan

Dick Coleman

Richard M. Coleman served as National Co-Chair, Lawyers for Reagan-Bush ’84 and really does miss RR. A graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard Law School, Dick is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, and a past president of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and of the National Caucus of Metropolitan Bar Leaders. A professor on the faculty of Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution for 17 years, he received Pepperdine’s Excellence in Teaching Award. He has hosted TV forums on legal and financial topics and written and spoken extensively on political issues.

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